New Momma | Rensselaer NY Newborn Photography

As a mom I know it's more often than not that we are the ones behind the camera. So it is important to me at my newborn sessions to encourage the moms to be in front of the camera. After having a baby, from experience, I know it's the last thing a mother wants to do, you're not feeling like yourself. But trust me it will mean so much to you when you are able to look back at these photographs..

And because I like to practice what I preach I'm excited about my own family's session coming up this weekend!! For once I'll be in front of the camera!!

4 Week Old | Rensselaer NY Newborn Photography

Typically the best time to photograph a newborn is in the first 14 days, they sleep more and they are easier to mold into a pose. However the little guy I photographed today proved me wrong!! At 4 weeks old he slept longer than some of the 2 week olds I've photographed. A handsome little boy for sure!!