Baby D 8 days new

Now that this little boys parents have seen their gallery I am coming back to post my favorites of his newborn session. Over a year ago I was able photograph his big sister as a newborn. It was great to see her again and see this beautiful growing family!

A large share as it was hard to decide which ones were my favorite, I loved them all!


More Than Just Clients- Delmar NY Baby Photographer

Photography has definitely made me step out of my comfort zone. I’m sure most people would say when first meeting me I’m a little quiet, introverted. My husband is the one who will easily strike up a conversation with someone he does not know. However with a photography business, I have had to learn to break through barriers. I enjoy getting to know my clients prior to a session through a pre-consult either in person or by phone, asking questions, talking, and discussing the session. Then there is the session, lots of talking there, making the client feel comfortable… And then an ordering session, more discussion on what the client wants/needs from their session and then delivery of the product..

Prior to beginning this journey I did not think that through this process that comes with each session my clients would become more than just clients…

The end of last year I did a newborn shoot for Baby Q, and most recently a 4 month session, some of the photos I’ll share below. It’s an honor to be able to share in this families memories and I’m very much looking forward to a coffee date with this mom.