Upstate Fall Family Session

I used to hate photographing families…  I was always trying to pose families, pose after pose in one session.  I would go home, upload the session, and dread editing.  My thought was I’m just not a family photographer and I’ll stick to the newborns…

BUT…  Something happened.  When I let go of the perfection, focused on connection and emotion I fell in LOVE with photographing families.  I do try and get that one photograph all mommas want of everyone looking at the camera, but I don’t let that take over the session.   Once that is out of the way I follow the children and focus on their connections with mom and dad and as siblings and I just let go. 

Now when I leave a session, I have a feeling of relief, because I know I'm going to fall in love with the gallery.  And did I ever fall in love with this session; A gorgeous family and a backdrop of gorgeous fall colors.  Enjoy a look at my favorites!

A Little Late | Lifestyle Newborn Photography

A beautiful genuine family on the blog today.  This session was almost a year ago.  Why have I waited so long you ask?  Well I hated my blog.  I wasn’t looking forward to sharing my work because I wasn’t happy about my site design..  Now that I have re-branded and I’m showing what makes me happy as a photographer I am so excited about blogging and writing…

I’m also afraid of writing.  I feel that I’m not a writer and so why am I doing this.   I hear a lot “just write like you talk”.  Hopefully with stepping out of my comfort zone, you will enjoy following me on this journey.  And maybe you’ll feel as you read this that I’m sitting next to you chatting away!!

So now, back to this family.  This mom contacted me to photograph her baby newborn boy.  Since then I have worked with her 2 other times.  I love when clients hire me over and over.  It is a true compliment, and something I hold dear to my heart. 

This little boy has 2 older siblings, who I found right away to be so caring and loving of him.  They will be super protectors I’m sure of that.  In august I photographed Gus’s blessing and I can’t wait to share how much he has grown.

Till Then With Love, E