Fall Family Session Favorites

Today I wanted to share a few of my favorites from a recent family fall session. It was so hard to only share a few here, I LOVED EVERY SINGLE ONE. My favorites always seem to be the ones with the momma in them, motherhood is so beautiful, and I want to show that to my clients! blog elble-1blog elble-2blog elble-3blog elble-4blog elble-5blog elble-6blog elble-7blog elble-8blog elble-9blog elble-10blog elble-11blog elble-12blog elble-13blog elble-14blog elble-15blog elble-16blog elble-17blog elble-18blog elble-19blog elble-20

A Milestone session | My baby!

My Anna is 10 months old this week. So it is about time I share another milestone picture of her. These were taken at the beginning of this month as she was starting to walk... Now? Well now only a couple of weeks later and she is all over the place!! Anna is my 4th baby. And I often here "you have your hands full"... Actually, I hear it every single time I leave the house. Today as I left the school office it was "she has her hands full".. I also here it when I'm out and about with only the 2 babies and I always let out the biggest laugh, thinking to myself if only they knew I have 2 others at school...

The thing is I don't feel that way. Of course it's hard at times, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't.. But instead I choose to see it as my heart is full! Full of love and laughter, and I wouldn't want it any other way...


2 Month Old Baby Girl | Albany NY Baby Photographer

My baby girl turned 2 months old yesterday. It's amazing how much they grow in the first 2 months, and how their personality really starts to shine. She looks a lot like her sisters and brother. Her smile just lights me up!! I made some time to do a self portrait with her. After a hundred frames I finally got one I loved, and although not perfect it will be something I treasure!

webMe & Anna 2mos

And of course I took some pictures of just her! Newborn Photographers stress the importance of scheduling your newborn portraits in advance to insure you get the session done in the first 14 days after birth, BUT, as you can see beautiful newborn portraits can still be done after that mark, even the sleeping ones!!

webAnna 2 mos 1webAnna 2 mos 2webAnna 2 mos 3

East Greenbush NY | 8 month old Baby Session

Did you know I offer Baby Milestone sessions? Milestone sessions are mini sessions for babies around the ages of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months, perfect for capturing the new stages of your little one: rolling over, crawling, sitting, and walking. I love these sessions! Baby rolls, baby smiles, and so much personality what's not to love.

The other great thing about milestone baby sessions is I get to see my little clients again! Baby L came in for a 7/8 month session and to help her mom model some necklaces from The Vintage Honey Shop, if your little one is teething you must check them out! This little girl would not let them go.