I'm Back

I have been putting off updating my blog/site for about 5 months.  Why I waited so long I don't know because it was so easy now that I'm using Squarespace.  I also realized as I was updating and transferring information that it has been almost a year since my last post.  If anyone is following, I apologize!   I'm motivated and kicking myself in the butt to get me moving and I hope if you aren't following along you will now.  

I hope to not only post about my clients but also more about my family and our adventures in homeschooling.  Something we are doing for the first time this year.  eeekkkk!  

Since no post is good with out some pictures I'm going to share a recent outing we took with a new row boat and canoe.  This little lake not too far from our home was gorgeous with the fall colors.  And so quiet, well except for my children of course.  Not too many pictures out on the lake, I wasn't sure how sturdy I'd be in the canoe and I didn't want to drop it.  Which brings me to my last thought, being out on the lake in the canoe made me miss my paddling days in Virginia Beach as a part of the Sandbridge Outrigger Canoe Club.