2 Month Old Baby Girl | Albany NY Baby Photographer

My baby girl turned 2 months old yesterday. It's amazing how much they grow in the first 2 months, and how their personality really starts to shine. She looks a lot like her sisters and brother. Her smile just lights me up!! I made some time to do a self portrait with her. After a hundred frames I finally got one I loved, and although not perfect it will be something I treasure!

webMe & Anna 2mos

And of course I took some pictures of just her! Newborn Photographers stress the importance of scheduling your newborn portraits in advance to insure you get the session done in the first 14 days after birth, BUT, as you can see beautiful newborn portraits can still be done after that mark, even the sleeping ones!!

webAnna 2 mos 1webAnna 2 mos 2webAnna 2 mos 3