Colonial Williamsburg - A Homeschool Field Trip

It's been a long time since I have visited Colonial Williamsburg, I can't remember the last time.  So on a recent trip down to Virginia Beach I took the kids west and we went on a field trip.  This year Holly and Sophie's studies cover Colonial Times so it was a perfect trip.  

It was a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, hotter then I was expecting.  Colonial Williamsburg was a lot more walking then I remembered, making us a hot sweaty mess, but we enjoyed ourselves.  So much to see and we didn't cover it all.  I know now it's important to check the day of the week you are going because not all exhibits are open every day.  The 2 restaurants opened were packed so we hit up the bakery, grabbed some sandwiches and drinks to go, and sat down at a picnic table.  It was perfect!

There was also only strawberry ice cream to be found in Colonial Williamsburg so we took an even longer walk to the shopping district to hit up a Baskin Robbins. 

Love for Click Away

Weeks ago I travelled to Seattle, Washington to attend the 3rd annual Click Away Conference put on by Click & Co.  This was my 3rd time attending Click Away.  I haven’t missed one and God willingly I never will. 

Each year I find this event getting even better and better!  And here are my 4 reasons why:

1.  The amount of talent brought on to speak and teach is absolutely amazing.  Each one of the Photographers, Artists, Creatives that I had the pleasure seeing speak or teach touched my heart and soul.  Not one disappointed and each and every one inspired me to go and create and to let go of perfection.   The conference offers a variety of both talks and boutique shooting sessions, and I find the talks to be just as valuable as the boutique shooting sessions.

2.  The excitement I had for getting on the plane and heading to Seattle to reconnect with the many friends I have met a long the way.  Some I didn’t even get a chance to see, it was so busy.  Many of these friends I would not have met had I not been a part of the Click & Co Forum, Clickinmoms, or conference.

3.  You can tell that Click & Co really listens to the feedback from conference goers.  Making changes each year to the schedule to allow for time to check out all the great vendors, fuel up on food, and mingle with the friends we’ve made.

4.  The conference has given me the time to explore myself as a photographer and artist.   Inspired me to push myself and to let go of imperfections, to not let fear take over.

So with all that said here is some of what I captured in Seattle. 

These photos are from a walk around the Seattle Center for the boutique session with Photographer Jennifer Carr (Uncovered Beauty).  I love Jennifer and her gorgeous work and what I especially love about her is she's from my hometown!!

These photos are from the boutique session with Jessica Thomason and Lacey Monroe on documentary photography.

A quick night trip to the Public Market.  And day trip to Bainbridge Island.

My roommate and I both left late in the day of Columbus Day.  Before we headed to the airport we thought we'd take a little trip to Chinatown.  What was supposed to be a quick 6 minute ride on the bus turned into 10 minutes and only 2 blocks.  We decided to get off the bus and see what the delay was.  A Protest by Native Americans.  We followed them for a couple of blocks, and I found myself to be moved so much by this peaceful protest, it brought tears to my eyes.  

I'm Back

I have been putting off updating my blog/site for about 5 months.  Why I waited so long I don't know because it was so easy now that I'm using Squarespace.  I also realized as I was updating and transferring information that it has been almost a year since my last post.  If anyone is following, I apologize!   I'm motivated and kicking myself in the butt to get me moving and I hope if you aren't following along you will now.  

I hope to not only post about my clients but also more about my family and our adventures in homeschooling.  Something we are doing for the first time this year.  eeekkkk!  

Since no post is good with out some pictures I'm going to share a recent outing we took with a new row boat and canoe.  This little lake not too far from our home was gorgeous with the fall colors.  And so quiet, well except for my children of course.  Not too many pictures out on the lake, I wasn't sure how sturdy I'd be in the canoe and I didn't want to drop it.  Which brings me to my last thought, being out on the lake in the canoe made me miss my paddling days in Virginia Beach as a part of the Sandbridge Outrigger Canoe Club.


Frosty Morning

Being a beach girl the summer has always been my favorite season. But living in NY I have come to love all the seasons God created and really appreciate the gifts and beauty each one offers. The other morning I woke up, and as I was letting the duckies out the coup I thought, ugh... Frost. As I'm walking back from the bus stop, the golden morning sun sparkling on the frosty grass I thought, ohhh... Frost... I quickly grabbed my camera and macro lens and set out around the yard before my 2 littlest ones woke up!


Rock the Shot Forum Favorite of 2014



wAnna Day 12-7

This newborn picture of my daughter is one of my favorites for 2014, obviously ;) It can be difficult for a photographer to do a newborn session for their own child because the baby is going to smell mommy and want to be fed more often. To make it easy on myself I set expectations low and I had all my gear set out for days, the bean bag, the blankets, the wraps, etc... When I had a little bit of time here and there I would do mini shoots. I loved it and took the pressure off of me to do it all in one sitting!!