Maternity + Family Photography | Schoharie, NY

I am always giddy when clients come back with their growing families. I’m past due on sharing some of this families past sessions. And I’ll get back to those.

I seem to post for a while and then I lag behind. I’m so sorry about that, but know that I am currently taking sessions now that my 5th baby has arrived and just about 3 months. This week in upstate NY it has been brrrrr….. But there are still great options for sessions, especially your own homes.

Blessings, Erin

Virginia Beach Maternity Session

Wow! I have gone almost all summer with out a post. It's been a great summer and one that flew by! On my summer vacation in Virginia Beach I had the chance to photograph a special maternity session. Special because it was of my Best Friends family. You could say this post was/is right on time, as her due date was not till October, BUT as it always is with newborns they come on their own clock and time. Their baby girl arrived September 19th, 3 weeks early.

I am not lying when I say I checked flights to Virginia Beach as soon as this baby girl entered the world... But sigh, I already have a big trip planned in October, so little girl I'll see you in November, and can't wait to hold you!

Love you Kelsey and wish you and your family all the blessings in the world! Here are 10 of my favorites!

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Expecting | A Maternity Sneak

A glimpse of a recent maternity session at Washington Park in Albany, NY. This couple is expecting their second bundle of joy. Their first baby girl was one of my very first newborns 2 years ago (see the header picture still one of my faves)!! My, time is flying. More to come!


Hudson Valley Maternity Session | Upstate NY

There is always some prep before every session, research, a list of shots, inspiration, a plan of action. The morning of a session and on my way to that session I run through in my head over and over how I hope the session will go, what's most important, must have items, etc. No matter how prepped I am just about every session gives me butterflies in my stomach, giddy with excitement. The butterflies and the excitement are times 10 when I have the honor of photographing another photographers family. Recently I had the pleasure of photographing another gorgeous mamma/photographer who is expecting baby #3.

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