Colonial Williamsburg - A Homeschool Field Trip

It's been a long time since I have visited Colonial Williamsburg, I can't remember the last time.  So on a recent trip down to Virginia Beach I took the kids west and we went on a field trip.  This year Holly and Sophie's studies cover Colonial Times so it was a perfect trip.  

It was a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, hotter then I was expecting.  Colonial Williamsburg was a lot more walking then I remembered, making us a hot sweaty mess, but we enjoyed ourselves.  So much to see and we didn't cover it all.  I know now it's important to check the day of the week you are going because not all exhibits are open every day.  The 2 restaurants opened were packed so we hit up the bakery, grabbed some sandwiches and drinks to go, and sat down at a picnic table.  It was perfect!

There was also only strawberry ice cream to be found in Colonial Williamsburg so we took an even longer walk to the shopping district to hit up a Baskin Robbins.