Photo courtesy of  Elaina Mortali Photography

Photo courtesy of Elaina Mortali Photography

I am a wife to my amazingly supportive husband of 10 years, whom with out his support I could not do what I do.  I am a mama to 4 beautiful little kiddos (with one on the way) who provide me with constant inspiration...   3 girls and a boy!  I love watching their little personalities grow!  I am a daughter, sister, friend, and catholic….   Our family includes 2 chocolate Labradors, who don’t get nearly as much camera love as their human siblings..

I’m a pisces which makes sense when you find out that I’m originally from the beach.  I love everything about the water: surfing, swimming, floating on my back with my face soaking up the warm sun!

Now my husband and I live in the Hilltowns of NY raising our family on our little Hobby Farm/Homestead.

I was an athlete and runner.  Playing soccer at UAlbany brought me from the beach in Virginia to the Hills in NY.  Running was a way to clear my head and something I need to pick back up..

I am a hard core DIY’er.  I have a hard time buying something I know I can make myself.  When I have the time in between meal prep and homeschooling I enjoy knitting and sewing

I love hot cups of coffee or tea.   I enjoy reading when a book really captures my interest.


My Journey

My Journey as a photographer has started like so many others in the industry today.  Although I had a little point and shoot camera before children, my love affair with photography began when I had my first child, 9 years ago. I couldn't stop taking pictures of my first baby, and quickly grew out of it's capabilities.  At this time I was getting deep into photography and learned of this whole blogging world.  I couldn't stop reading and obsessing over photography.  I read blogs, books, magazines, took classes. I've since upgraded my cameras and own both the Nikon D7000 and D700.  Both come with me to every session.

There is always so much to learn in the photography world, and I am always continuing on a journey of growth.  I take classes often, mainly through Clickinmoms  (Click & Co.).   Their forum has always been a place that guides me and inspires me.  My children are always a constant inspiration to me and my reason for starting this journey. 


Motherhood is an amazing thing that God has created.  To be able to bring into this world a little baby and care for them and raise them is like nothing else.  Or maybe you adopted.  Regardless, being a Mother, however you became a Mother, is something incredible.  It's time and energy and grace and patience and love and selflessness.   Many Many a nights of being woken up to a sick child, or scared child, and nursing them and comforting them.  Watching them do something that makes you so proud you can't believe that they belong to you.  Many Many moments that soon become just a memory.  Moments that are so fleeting that you wish you had that on camera.  I know the feeling!

Let me keep those moments for you.  Let me capture your little one bringing you that rock, like they do on every other walk you take.  The way you tuck their hair behind their ears.  They way they look at you with such joy while you nurse them.  Let me keep those moments for you.  Let me show you how beautiful YOUR motherhood is!